D & D Group Of Companies | About Us

D & D Electrical was established in 1982. Founder, Deon Barnard has been in the

Electrical industry for more than 30 years and has full knowledge and expertise in the field of electrical engineering. – Business had a name change: D & D Group of Companies Pty Ltd, director is now Dwain Barnard.

Situated in Kempton Park, to the East of Johannesburg, D & D Group of Companies Pty Ltd is a fully owned managed business with a dedicated team of staff.

We strive for professionalism and promptness in all aspects of our work. Giving our clients satisfaction in both our products and our services is our top priority.

Our business is continually growing to new heights, and every effort is put into expanding both our business, knowledge and product range.

We shall continue to provide D & D Group of Companies Pty Ltd to the growing markets with professional service and we plan, in the near future, to be a major player in the South African electrical engineering market.

Our BEE status is currently Exempt Micro Enterprise – Level 4.